Our Business Listings

Intemedior Business Advisors takes pride in taking the necessary time and care up front with our Business Owners to make sure our Business Listings are market ready with all the necessary corporate profile and up-to-date financials needed to help you, the Buyer, quickly decide if a given opportunity is right for you.  Sometimes, while a Business Owner may desire to sell their business – conditions may exist that may be less than favorable for rushing a business to market.  In this case, our Team of Trusted Advisors don’t say “No” but we’re not afraid to state “Not now, and here’s how we can help”.  So, we may be working with business opportunities not actively on the market – don’t be afraid to ask!

Intemedior’s Business Listing Inventory is constantly in a variety stage of development.  Listings shown on this web page may not be a full representation of all Businesses we have for sale.  Do not hesitate to register with us for a comprehensive discussion with one of our team members about our complete inventory and your acquisition objectives.

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