For Business Owners

Intemedior Business Advisors, LLC is a full-service M&A Advisory firm dedicated to providing Business Owners the necessary guidance to confidentially sell their business.  Selling a business can be one of the biggest emotional and professional endeavors one can engage in.  Placing your “life’s work” so to speak in the trusted hands of another is a big decision and one that should not be taken lightly. Expert guidance through every step of the process with our Advisors and Strategic Partners, Business Owners can rely on peace of mind that their best interests are placed first.

When choosing an Advisory Firm, it is important that a Business Owner consider the total scope of value added services and third-party relationships the firm has to offer.  Statistically, the number of businesses that sell as compared to the number that actually list, is very low.  The reasons a business might not sell are varied but, engaging with a conventional Business Brokerage, an owner might experience the pressure to list their business for sale in advance of a readiness assessment – simply because that is all the brokerage is accustomed to doing – selling a business.

Success in selling a business comes with an Owner AND Business that are truly ready and prepared to transfer ownership.  Listing a business for sale because an Owner is burned out, or revenues are declining among a variety of other reasons, is not a good situation for anyone concerned.  At Intemedior Business Advisors, an owner can rely on an honest assessment with a business’ readiness to sell.  Then, if work needs to be done to achieve the best outcome, our team of Trusted Advisors and strategic partners are there to assist with the necessary preparation that will lead to a successful transition.

Choosing A Business Advisory Firm

The first step in selling your business comes with choosing a Business Advisory Firm that will look out for your best interests.  The firm and associated staff you choose becomes your Trusted Advisor through the process, helping answer questions such as:

  • What are the key personal, professional and financial goals that I have with the sale of my business?
  • Is my business ready to sell?
  • What kind of market response might I expect if I list my business for sale?
  • In general terms, what might by business be worth and what are the key drivers affecting value?
  • If my business is not ready to sell, then what?

Business Valuation

As a Business Owner, it can often become easy to confuse value with price. In simple terms, price equates to the amount of money that may change hands in a transactional sale of a business. The value of a business, however, is much more than that and, this is what our Trusted Advisors focus on with Business Owners.

Value is the utility worth of a business to a potential Investor or Buyer which encompasses numerous other characteristics such as location, quality of clientele, products, service, and methods of cashflow to name just a few. Intemedior’s Trusted Advisors utilize a free, no-obligation process that provides Business Owners with a “Value Score”. Then, if an Owner is interested to learning more, we provide a comprehensive assessment of their business that provides further insight with the eight key drivers that contribute to overall value.

Many Owners do not understand the true value of their business. Sometimes they over-value their business and end up losing money by not finding a Buyer in the right time. Other times they undervalue their business leaving hard earned money on the table. When so desired, we offer professional evaluations, taking all necessary factors into consideration: FF&E, industry standards, location, & other critical factors to give our Business Owners an understanding of their business’ value in today’s marketplace.

Selling Your Business

Once we have completed our comprehensive process of discovery with a candidate Business Owner, the next step is to prepare your business for sale.  Our Trusted Advisors work in absolute confidentiality, working diligently to attain top dollar from the most qualified Buyers for our Business Owners.

The process begins with the creation of a top quality confidential business profile containing all the necessary corporate and financial information in a clear and easily understandable format.  We then launch an aggressive marketing campaign to attract the right Buyer for our Owner’s business.  By professionally evaluating and packaging your business for sale, statistics indicate an Owner can potentially attain 20-40% more with the sale of their business and in less time – working with an Advisor.

The due diligence process to complete offers, licenses and leases can be time consuming and requires careful attention to detail.  Filtering through offers and negotiating the best possible terms is best left to a Trusted Advisor and team of professionals dedicated day in and day out, to help Owners seller their business.