For Business Buyers

Whether you are an experienced Business Owner who has owned multiple businesses or a first-time Buyer who is intimidated by the process of buying a business, our team at Intemedior Business Advisors is here to make the process of buying a business as smooth and hassle free as possible.  There are two ways in which we work with Buyers.  First, and most traditionally, we work with Buyers that make inquiries on our business listings.  Second, for Buyers that have exhausted all their options looking for a business on the market without success – we will evaluate your needs and if appropriate, engage with you conducting a private search to find opportunities for acquisition and/or growth that meet your specific objectives.

Finding The Right Business

Business Ownership can be one of the most intellectually exciting and financially rewarding pursuits one can follow in life.  That said, the process of purchasing an existing business – is more often than not – a challenging and complicated undertaking.  Preparation is the key so it is important to do the necessary homework and assemble the right team of professionals that will help you achieve your dream.

As daunting as this journey can be, more than 7,500 small businesses have sold on average over the recent four years and the number is growing. So, there’s lots of opportunity to be explored if you are truly motivated to acquire a business.  Our team of professionals at Intemedior Business Advisors is here to help you achieve that success!

The Buying Process

As a Buyer, nothing can be more frustrating than to find a business that you love, only to be met with a myriad of obstacles to get a deal done, without the necessary cooperation and guidance through the process.  At Intemedior Business Advisors, our team of professionals are here to assist with tasks involved in purchasing a business such as:

Selecting the appropriate industry and/or business based on a Buyer’s prior experience, skill set, financial ability, education, and interests.

  • Arranging finance opportunities from a variety of lenders – both SBA and non-SBA.
  • Creating and identifying alternative financing sources when, and where needed.
  • Providing business valuation assistance when a target business has been identified.
  • Negotiating an offer to purchase.
  • Coaching with the appropriate professional resources to obtain creative deal structures using earn-outs, management agreements, or other tools.
  • Coaching with the appropriate professional resources to structure seller financing including promissory notes, security agreements, etc.
  • Quarterbacking the due diligence team of professionals – legal, financial and operational.
  • Advising the negotiations for a successful lease assignment/sublease, or new lease terms.
  • Quarterbacking negotiations with the professional team to achieve a definitive purchase agreement.
  • Support with closing transaction logistics.

Our Business Listings

Intemedior Business Advisors takes pride in taking the necessary time and care up front with our Business Owners to make sure our Business Listings are market ready with all the necessary corporate profile and up-to-date financials needed to help you, the Buyer, quickly decide if a given opportunity is right for you.  Sometimes, while a Business Owner may desire to sell their business – conditions may exist that may be less than favorable for rushing to a business to market.  In this case, our Team of Trusted Advisors don’t say “No” but we’re not afraid to state “Not now, and here’s how we can help”.  So, we may be working with business opportunities not actively on the market – don’t be afraid to ask!