About Our Founder

A fourth-generation member of a family business to Fortune 100 Corporate Executive on the international scene; George Giles’ return to his entrepreneurial roots characterize the drive and ambitions in his professional life.  With sales & marketing, operations/accounting, organizational diagnosis & development and, information technology experience; he brings a rich and varied base of expertise and a deep-rooted commitment to quality and equity in relationships with clients, partners, family and friends.

Entrepreneurial Roots

George was the fourth generation born into a New England based, family owned Printing & Publishing Company.  He grew up working around the business doing odd jobs and learning all aspects of the printing craft.  He then joined the US Air Force where he did a tour of duty with the Strategic Air Command before returning home to once again work at the family business.  He quickly took over the family operation and in just five short years, revenues with the company grew more than 500% under his watch.

The Breaking of a Legacy

It was George’s time to carry on the legacy with the family business only to be interrupted by his parent’s decision to sell the company to other parties to fund their retirement.  George stood by devastated, while he watched the family legacy he hoped to carry on, broken up into pieces and sold off to three separate third parties.  Rather than structuring a succession plan with their son that could have provided income well into their retirement years – his parents made a series of classic mistakes.  Real Estate was sold under market value through a private sale trusting the word of a Broker rather than marketing a valuable piece of commercial property on the open market.  The publishing end of the business was also sold without first evaluating if multiple Buyers existed which could have driven the sales value higher in a competitive bidding process.  Without any marketing effort with the print business – this part of the company was sold offering 100% financing to an Individual Owner. The new Owner/Operator proceeded to encumber the business with excessive senior debt, taking the business into bankruptcy in a few short years, leaving nearly an entire loss in sales value to George’s parents.

From Family Roots to Fortune 100 America

George went on with his career working for R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company – a fortune 100 company at the time.  With this and one other company based in Austin, Texas, he spent the next 20 years of his career in a variety of roles in sales & marketing, operations/accounting, organizational diagnosis & development and, information technology.  His career took him through several corporate startups, mergers and acquisitions providing him with a rich and varied base of experience that serves him well in business.  In 2001 during when the Corporate Bubble burst nationally – George transitioned into a career in Brokerage. He worked first in Residential Real Estate, then branched out into the Commercial arena, before deciding a career in Business Brokerage/Advisory Services is what truly excited him.

Lessons Learned Lead to a Lifetime Commitment

“Business Advisory is first and foremost about business,” says George.  “I approach each opportunity with a professional perspective of fairness, integrity and equitability.”  George is deeply committed to life-long learning for himself and his team. “Professional Certifications create a commitment of accountability to the process of continuous learning” he adds.  Armed with that perspective, clients can rely equally, on being educated about the process involved when buying, selling or investing in business when working with the Firm.

“As important, Business Advisory is about the people involved – who buy, sell or invest in businesses;” George continues, “The lives of those we work with matter and everyone deserves the dignity to choose the best outcome for their individual situation.”  After many personal disappointments and life lessons – once again a Business Owner – George wants clients to feel they have someone deeply committed to making their business transaction a success.  George is committed along with his team of Trusted Advisors to be a resource that will guide their clients up front, during a coaching engagement or sales transaction, then supporting them with their decision for a lifetime.