Increasing the Value of Your Business

Considering selling your business? Just want to increase the value of your business? Here are some areas to look at that can fairly quickly increase profits, which are, after all, a main building block in creating value.

•    PRICING: Are the prices of the products or services set too low? Owners too often continue with the same prices year after year without revisiting their pricing structure.

•    CUSTOMER SERVICE: Despite all of the above Elevating the quality or amount of customer service may not only increase business and support the higher prices suggested above, but also encourage customers to pay more promptly, increasing cash flow.

•    EXPENSES: Owners should review what they pay for inventory, supplies, utilities, insurance, technology and any other expenses. Are you getting the lowest price possible? Are you taking advantage of all available discounts, etc.? It may pay to check pricing from other suppliers and vendors. Every saving increase profits and subsequently profits.

•    INVENTORY: In some cases inventory levels may be higher than necessary. Retail operations want their stores to look “busy,” but they don’t need a basement or warehouse full of inventory. In today’s fast-moving economy, inventory can be supplied almost on demand – in most cases. This should be balanced by still taking advantage of special pricing on certain items or stockpiling hard-to-get inventory.

•    OUTSOURCING: Some services, especially in today’s environment of the self-employed, can be outsourced. While replacing workers is not pleasant, and should only be done if substantial savings can be realized, outsourcing is often worth investigating.

•    EMPLOYEES: Now may be the time to get rid of any disgruntled employees. Happy and contented employees make for a profitable business.

These are just a few areas to consider to help increase profits and, subsequently, increase value.