Niche Portfolio eCommerce & Brick and Mortar Business Opportunity

Location: Texas

Industry: Real Estate

Listing ID: 7835323a

This is a portfolio business that has two brands – a seasonal eCommerce Company plus a profitable regional brick and mortar turnkey Low Voltage Lighting Design & Installation Company. The regional brick and mortar division DOES NOT require you to have an Electrical Contractor’s License to own and operate.

The eCommerce Division of the company has been developed with many supplier relationships established over the years through the brick and mortar division. System is all set up and ready to begin accepting orders, shipping to consumers for their seasonal needs.

The brick and mortar division of the company has a strong growth history with an unparalleled reputation for quality products, service and customer satisfaction with a highly profitable niche in seasonal lighting and lots of growth opportunity. Owner has developed well documented systems and procedures that will allow for sustainable controlled growth in and outside the company’s existing market and core offerings. Present business model is direct to consumer which can be additionally expanded through B2B relationships with industry players. Supply relationships have been set up direct with manufacturers providing company with a competitive edge.

Expanded service and product offerings can easily be added to business model providing for growth within existing strong customer base – majority of which is on multi-year contracts.

Listing Details

Total Sales: $828,395

Cash Flow: $230,282